My Long Overdue

Dear readers,

I apologize for not posting for a long time, it’s been a while and I need to keep track on blogging. I’ve been busy with, what else work and this new project that I’m working on. Plus, the internet connection here at home is such a bitch that I can’t even connect without staying in my room (and without using my sister’s laptop :)).

So ok, it’s a Saturday (actually it’s already Sunday) and payday weekend, I went out today with my boyfriend, went shopping and met up some old college friends that I’ve been missing. I bought myself a new skirt from Zara and ok, I’m getting pretty boring with my colors, it’s navy blue haha surprise! I was just about to get myself a new cardigan but the price of this new skirt is just too hard to resist.

So anyway, remember that super gorge Alexa bag that I’ve been dreaming for like  months now? well guess what?

Forever 21 has an exact copy of that in blue! Ok, I’m exaggerating, not really exact, but the moment I laid eyes on that bag I knew it was Alexa inspired, too bad I don’t have photo.

photo source:

The photo above is an original Mulberry design

So I guess I’m kinda puzzled on whether I should get that F21 Alexa inspired bag or just wait for some kind person to give me the original Alexa (haha I think the latter is impossible, have to wait for the next pay day though).




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