Urban Dai Loves Heima

My interest in fashion and style had been more profound since I was that little high school girl who was dreaming about the life in the city. And now, upon growing old I try not only to concentrate on personal style, I am also trying to discover my personal preferences when it comes to interior design (since all the styling in our house is handled by my mom).

Ok, to make the long story short, I am currently in love with Heima Store, the home of the hand picked über lovely furniture, accessories and wall art.

Photo Source: http://www.facebook.com/intetvalentos?v=wall&story_fbid=414194763325&ref=notif#!/iloveheima?ref=ts

Heima’s style is perfect for those young and playful professionals (like moi) who can’t get enough with childhood, art and colors.

And for some good news, Heima Store is on SALE, month long SALE.

We all love to splurge on some pretty stuffs



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