My Sale Shopping Mission this Season is a Total Epic Failure.

My sale shopping mission this season is a total epic failure.

So it’s the end of the season and most of my favorite shops are having a SALE at the moment and I visited Trinoma yesterday because of two things:

1. Shop in ZARA

2. Watch Eclipse

I didn’t get to accomplish any of the two so I just checked out some red pair of Keds sneaks but they don’t have my size (8).

I was really disappointed because I really wanted to buy something for myself  so I headed to the department store to get a new concealer. I was off to buy VOV (my favorite brand) but I ended up paying Revlon Beyond Natural cream concealer and highlighter (So far, so good but exceeds budget!).

When I got home my sister told me that she saw this navy blue skirt that I have been eyeing for months now but she can’t remember which mall she saw it.

And so today after work I headed to Zara, Shang  only to find out that they ran out of the navy blue color that I want but they still have the skirt in military green. I decided not to get it.

I went home depressed, good thing my mom cooked some really nice dinner.

Oh and btw, PRIVATE SALE in Topshop starts tomorrow but I don’t think I’ll be going . I have to pack my stuffs because I’m moving in a new office tomorrow (I probably need to buy new office stuffs? whatcha think?)




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