Forever21 in Coming Soon in Manila!

International brand Forever21 is coming to the Philippines really really soon, the US retailer will be opening it’s first ever store in SM Megamall.

Now, You might be wondering about this confusion I’m making. If you guys have already passed by/shopped/whatever in Forever21 Megamall even before I made this blog then you have been shopping in a local company who carries the same brand name!

Now news are saying that the local company was entitled to use the brand name since it registered first in March 2003, 9 months before the US company’s registration.

US Forever21 was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles, CA but it was then registered under the name “Fashion 21”. The company now runs over 500 stores, worldwide and more stores opening soon (including Manila!)

Hmmm, how weird is that?

Photo source:

I’ve also reading and reading news telling that US Forever21 had been facing multiple lawsuits due to ripping the designs of some famous designers: Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Tibi just to name a few.

Now I don’t wan’t to ruin the excitement,  Let’s just save the comments for later and see first how the US Forever21 will work it’s magic here in the Philippines.




2 thoughts on “Forever21 in Coming Soon in Manila!

  1. raymond abong

    it was simply amazing..specialy with regards to the c0nstraction and how it was made! best of luck for the year c0ming,,

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