Dear Darla

What’s up with kids today? Last night my baby brother was watching my sister browse her Facebook and they saw this photo of my sister’s Godchild. My sister opened the whole album and the next thing I knew Karl was asking my sister to send a text message to Chesca’s (the girl) mom telling her..

“You’re so beautiful. I saw your picture in facebook and my sister told me your name. You have a prety smile and nice style and we called your mom, but you’re not around. that’s why I’m sending you this note. I will just call you soon maybe in two days..”

Then after that, my brother rolled and rolled on the bed and when we asked him what he was doing he told us that he was exercising so that he’ll be fit when they (Chesca and him) meet. HAHA!

How cute is that?

BTW, my brother is six and Chesca is two



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