Feel Good with Dr. Feel Good

Not everyone are acquainted to what a primer does to the skin, an average girl’s daily make-up routine (according to The MakeupBox) would have to be

1. moisturize

2. conceal (or the foundation base)

3. powder

4. personal details (eyebrow, lashes, blush etc.)

By using a primer one can skip one to three steps in the make up routine.

And I found the just the perfect primer that can solve every girl’s skin problems.

Meet Dr. Feel Good, it’s a velvety complexion balm that leaves the skin with a feel good finish. It mattifies the complexion and reduces visible lines and pores (just as what I needed).

Photo source: http://www.sephora.com

Dr. Feel Good balm is from Benefit Cosmetics that is carried by Sephora.

Priced at around $28-$30 (more or less 2000 if converted in peso), this product is the perfect primer to even-out skin texture.

I’ll be accepting orders only from June 20-26, 2010, Delivery would be on the 2nd week of July.




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