beauty and politics

I was out today with my sister and her boyfriend (again) to assist them in their photoshoot (MY SCHOOL PROJECT hahaha!). We went to MOA area and I had to be pretend as an Industrial Design student from Be ok, I won’t mention which school  but yes, we all had to pretend that the photoshoot was for my school project.

My sister was the model and I was her posing coach or whatever you call it. I even get to have a photo of my own which I will be posting anytime soon.

After the shoot we went to Binondo to eat dinner, it was my first time to eat in Binondo so I was pretty excited. I ordered this duck noodle soup and some century egg rolls.

Everything was all good until I got home and watched the news, very disappointing I must say. Mar Roxas falls on the 2nd place spot next to Binay. Noynoy Aquino is still on the lead for President. Well I’m just hoping that things would go differently tomorrow, luck is favorable to Mar Roxas of course.



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