Some Saturdate

I was out today with my boyfriend whom I won’t be seeing for a week because he he’ll be having a vacay in the beach. We went to Shang to check out some stuffs that are on fire sale (Rustan’s Shang got burned last week).

I also checked out Zara for some new items that I would be (and hopefully) be buying next week. I particularly loved this navy Blue blazer which I forgot to take a picture of because I’m very busy taking pictures of myself. I’m also eyeing some skirts that would pass as office skirts (but has some floral prints on it).

Then we grabbed snacks at Le Coeur De France and had some coffee at Starbucks. I ordered green tea frap and he had java chip but the drinks were over blended so we didn’t quite enjoyed it much.

After that we transferred to Megamall to meet with Paul’s Aunt and sisters. We had dinner at some Japanese resto and I ate sashimi and ramen. Then we went to Healthy Options because Paul’s aunt wanted to buy this organic deo spray which has no something chemical on it and it prevents breast cancer!

Then I saw this body lotion and I thought my mom would want it so I bought it for her as a gift for mother’s day!

and yes, I had a fine day today!

floral top from H&M; bag from H&M; white shorts from American Eagle


2 thoughts on “Some Saturdate

  1. rmi

    im following you. 🙂 yak stalker ako. ikaw na si tricia g. ngayon. 😛 i miiiisss u tet. 🙂 i love the first pic. suppeeerrr arte. 😛 HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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