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Good things takes time, hard work, focus, faith and a little luck. It is always up to us how we can make our goals and resolutions come to reality. But no matter how tough life maybe, always remember that every single day is another chance to make things right, so live, laugh, make mistakes and just make the most out of life.
So to everyone, who have enjoyed this blog as much as I did, thank you, I hope somehow, I had been an inspiration to all of you. This is me, signing off, See you all soon!
and oh! here’s a little round up video of my 2013 🙂 Happy New Year!
Cheers to 2014!

Everyone Deserves a Smythson

 Few more days left till my favorite day of the year comes. Yep, Christmas! I’m a little old to be excited about it but clearly there’s nothing happier than a holiday spent with the rest of your family and friends, cheering, eating, and exchanging gifts.
Speaking of gifts have you guys started your shopping yet? Can’t seem to find the perfect fillers for those stockings? Well then, check out my Santa wishlist and tell me which items would you want to have for Christmas!

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Smythson Brown Gresham 48 Hour Travel Bag
Let’s face it, he deserves this more than anyone else in the list

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Smythson Ponyhair Large Eliot Tote
Something is irresistible about this bag. The leather, the pony hair and the blue color makes it look hip while maintining it’s classic elegance. I’d want this for myself as well.

c1024x1024 (2)

Smythson Gresham Toiletry Case
Because he carries all his bathroom essentials wherever he goes.


c1024x1024 (3)

Smythson Chameleon Pencil Case
 They’d want their own Smythson too, won’t they? Made up of natural goat skin and has satin finish. It comes in 3 delicious colors!

c1024x1024 (4)

Smythson Panama “I Have Nothing To Wear Notebook”
Probably the most polite way to drop the ball, because you wouldn’t wanna go naked one day

c1024x1024 (5)

Smythson Panama “Make It Happen” Notebook
Enough said.c1024x1024 (7)
Smythson Panama “Tying the Knot” Notebook
The best way to make memories last.
c1024x1024 (10)
Smythson Panama “Smile” Notebook
That’s all she ever needs.

c1024x1024 (6)

Smythson Panama Collection Small Laptop Case
A luxurious gadget deseerves a luxurious case, with it’s bright fuschia pink color, this one is made to stand out.

c1024x1024 (12)

Smythson Venetian Red Small Cooper Tote
Made from Natural goatskin and finished with a Venetian red color…It’s big enough to fit all of a woman’s need. and because of it’s classic design, the Cooper tote can take you from day to night.
Smythson of Bond Street, a brand that has mastered the balance between timelessness, elegance and functionality, a very rare quality in the field of arts and craft. Something that can only be perfected with time and through dedication. Everyone deserves this kind of luxury, everyone deserves a Smythson.
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